Organic Strawberry w/o fertilizer

In Uncategorized on May 27, 2011 by aagbiotics

Here are some tasty strawberries grown by a local farmer. The organic strawberries were grown completely WITH NO fertilizer of any sort except using our Pro-Basic Grow along with an Aerobic Activator (Pre-composted Bokashi or bokashi kitchen waste). The non-organic ones were obtained from local grocery store.

The soil has been tested to be deficient in Nitrogen, though sufficient in P and K. What yield and fruit quality would one expect from such growing condition?

Can you tell which strawberries are organic? … May be until they are cut up…


Here’s a picture of the “dissected” strawberries

These were grown with only 2 applications of our AAG EZ-Tea (A combination of Pro-Basic Grow and Aerobic Activator), no fertilizer and mineral inputs.

Ar… wait, just one more

Here’s the video:


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